Tom Hopkins is one of the fathers of sales training. Our paths have crossed multiple times and we’ve shared a variety of stages together. One of the reasons I like Tom, is because he is old school. What I mean by old-school is that he still teaches in trains that it’s about creating a relationship and having a conversation with people.

To this day, Tom talks about making your prospect feel special. People crave being treated well. In this fast-paced society, far too often salespeople today do not take the time necessary to start and nurture a relationship. One of the reasons many of us “old-school” sales professionals are having success today is because we still have a desire to ask questions and prepare our presentations based upon what the prospect has already shared with us…pretty simple huh?!

Another reason I respect Tom is because he looks at sales as a professional position. In other words, you should take the task at hand seriously and learn how to present with quality, handle objections, and close the sale with class and dignity. A professional salesperson treats their prospect with the utmost respect, because they understand until they provide them the value they’re looking for, no transaction can consummate. In my mind, the only way to be successful long-term is to have a care and concern for your prospect.

Tom also suggests that you surround yourself with like-minded people. Don’t allow people to share your time without giving it the consideration as to how we could all mutually benefit from that time together by growing emotionally and spiritually. And when you’re with those like-minded people, use past experiences to create your future going forward. There is no greater learning tool then experience. You should strive to make all your experiences a positive through modifying any past negatives.

Tom Hopkins continues to help salespeople around the globe through his training and messages.  Tried and true methods of presenting and closing still work today.  If you’re having issues, give them a try!

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