What I Learned

Brian Tracy first came on my radar screen many years ago when I purchased his cassette series called the Psychology of Achievement. Looking through my archive of training materials I still have it to this day. Just a few weeks ago, I was honored to be able to share three days with Brian at the 20 year anniversary of the Success Mastery Academy put on by good friend Kyle Wilson.

Over the three days, Brian taught many new concepts; along with bringing back some of the old stalwarts and principles that needed to be pulled back top of mind. There were so many great reminders that I thought that I’d share a few with you here.

Brian is a huge proponent of constant and never-ending personal improvement. That we all have untapped and unfulfilled possibilities. The point that resonated very early was that all the secrets on how to be successful have already been found. And then if you’re not acting on those secrets are simply not taking the time to learn them…because they are no longer secret!

He suggested you consistently ask yourself the question, when you’re looking at a high achiever, “What are they doing differently than I am?” That makes a tremendous amount of sense, he also said, “Your mind changes when your mind collides with a new idea.” It means you have to constantly be questioning what you’re doing, how you’re doing it, and if there may be an alternative way.

Another concept he raised was that 100% of people work on commission. His justification of that statement was that we all receive a percentage of our results. Some officially because they’re paid on a percentage commission rate, while others are paid on hourly rate that represents their contribution towards results. I know I had never looked at it that way prior to hearing him say it.  Again, makes total sense!

When talking about high achievers, Brian stated, everything counts…everything you do is either raising or lowering your self-esteem. Also the more often we think the thoughts with an emotional charge, they will ultimately manifest.

One final concept to touch on here is three simple questions that allow you to truly hear someone’s inner self… in other words, who do they really think they are…they will reveal themselves if you let them.  Question #1 ask: How do you see yourself? Their answer…I am _____, _____ and _____. Question #2 ask: How do you see other people? Their answer…People are _____, _____ and _____. Question #3 ask: How do you see life? Their answer…Life is _____, _____ and _____.

When asked, “How do you see yourself?” if they answer, “I am intelligent, funny and outgoing gives you a totally different impression than if they say, “I am average, blah, and introverted.

When asked, “How do you see other people?” if they answer, “People are interesting, fun and great to be with, gives you a totally different impression than if they say, “People are boring, dull, and needy.

And finally when asked, “How do you see life?” if they answer, “Life is amazing, adventurous and it be lived fully, gives you a totally different impression than if they say, “Life is a struggle, wear me out and it happens.”

Take a true interest in those you come across and do your best to add value to their lives every time…in turn it will add value to your life!

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