We are constantly evolving! One of our promises to you is that we will never stop striving for perfection. Over the past couple of weeks (while our developers have been hard at work) we’ve been sharing pieces of our brand story, sharing with you the “WHY” in our own journey. How did we end up here? A bit of our own passion.

  • WHO: SmashFund is COMMUNITY. We feel a deep responsibility to help to expand our message and provide access to as many people as possible. This is what gets us out of bed early and makes us wish there were 30 hours in a day! We are bringing together a community of like minded users who are singularly focused on success. We are wired for this work. It is our calling.
  • HOW: SmashFund is building a “SHARECONOMY.” We are the only crowdfunding site that will allow users to both raise capital for their passions, but also revenue share with users.
  • WHAT: SmashFund is DISRUPTIVE. We know crowdfunding isn’t new and neither is social networking. But, the merging of the two IS new and our entrée into the sharing economy is definitely disruptive!
  • WHY: SmashFund is EMPOWERING. We empower our users to take control of their own destiny.

All of this led to one thing that kept driving us. SmashFund is BOLD. We are unapologetically different, entrepreneurial & edgy. Our model is progressive but our design is simple. So, naturally we evolved our look to match!

SmashFund is LIMITLESS. We are social crowdfunding for those who live “Life Without Limits.” We are 100% confident that this describes YOU.

We hope you now understand our WHY and it inspires you to continue to share yours!

In Community We Trust,
Team SmashFund


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