On any given day you may read and see news stories involving workplace violence, domestic violence, abduction, home invasion, road rage, rape, molestation, campus violence, bullying, random acts of violence and murder. Many times the victims knew their attackers yet this knowledge failed as a deterrent. Co-workers or former employees going on a rampage, students or parents attacking a school, neighbors or trusted friends of the family sexually assaulting young victims, suicides due to school bullying, etc are all stories of the day.

How many of these scenes, scenarios and news stories could have been avoided if only the victimized parties involved had been given some type of preventative training to spot the early signs of danger or had known how to react when faced with immediate physical threat? Perhaps most.

Businesses, schools, churches, college campuses, and various non-profit agencies are becoming increasingly involved in litigation where professional negligence has been proven by placing employees, residents, volunteers, students, etc. “in harm’s way” by not offering such training. We have all learned that mere background checks do not work. The legal profession is successfully nullifying this as a common defense. “Comprehensive training” is what the legal profession as well as patrons and parents are calling for.

Jeff McKissack and Defense By Design offers the individual as well as the company or organization a realistic and customized approach to modern defense. With experience and expertise in both crime prevention and personal defense, the training is more comprehensive than what is typically offered by law-enforcement or traditional “self defense training.” In fact, our instructors have delivered in-service seminars to these same professionals for their own dissemination. Programs and seminars are designed according to your specific needs. Aspects such as prior training, time frames, age, gender and profession are all considered when developing the right program. Comprehensive, customized training is what Defense By Design offers the individual as well as the business or organization.

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