My good friends Philip and Drew Georgeson have recently launched a project that is long overdue.  Through the power of the World Wide Web, MotivationRadio.Rocks is now available to provide the wit, wisdom and specific expertise of many of the finest presenters in the personal development marketplace.

These bite sized yet powerful tipps, tidbits and nuggets are available around the clok and around the world.

Motivation Radio, today announced the commercial launch of its 24 hour audio stream.MotivationRadio.Rocks is the Internet’s exclusive radio station dedicated to success, motivation and positive information.  The Company streams brief audio segments from the Industry’s top speakers and motivators as well as those from new speakers breaking into the industry.  The Company has compiled a live audio stream of hundreds of audio cuts, which rotate much like a standard radio format.

The Company has spent the last year Beta testing the stream and without any marketing, amassed an international audience that reaches over 54 countries.  “We specifically set out to determine what kind of demand there would be for this type of radio format,” said Motivation Radio’s Managing partner and Co-Founder, Philip Georgeson.  “The whole project is taking off organically for several reasons:

  • “With a tap of an app, you can gain access to a live stream of audio segments that motivates and inspires. It presents a positive alternative to the highly sensationalized news outlets.
  • There really never has been a centralized, live real time source, illuminating all the great audio content old and new that has been created over the years. We believe this will be the biggest upgrade to the personal development industry in a generation.”

Georgeson went on to say, “Imagine as an example, sales professionals having access to a new 24 hour tool that motivates and teaches an entire sales force how to become more successful.”

The Motivation Radio Network, is a Nevada based LLC, with studios in Northville, Michigan that produces and syndicates audio streams in the personal development industry.  The Company’s primary stream is it’s 24 hour Internet radio station at

I’m personally excited to be aligned with such great guys that have a desire to serve the greater good by producing and sharing quality materials that help motivate, inspire and transform MRR listeners daily.

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