Born in Las Cruces in New Mexico, by the age of 16, Charles Horton had set his sights on becoming financially independent. Unlike most 16 year olds, Charles had the innovative flair, ambition and business acumen to achieve his goal. His first venture was to spot a gap in the market –at a flea market no less!


In the “Cash only” environment of the flea market, Charles already understood the needs of customers, so he set up a booth to cash personal checks as a convenience for shoppers who run out of cash. A few months later, this 16-year-old boy was cashing over $100,000 in personal checks on a typical weekend.
From here Charles expanded into the check recovery and check guarantee business, launching SmartCheck which became the 8th largest check verification company in the U.S.


Before he was 30, Charles had continued to build his multi-million dollar personal finance business. Today he still owns FastBucks, with over 50 retail stores nationwide. FastBucks has been bestowed (twice) by INC. 500 as one of the fastest growing privately held companies in America. However Charles has also started up, invested in and mentored a myriad of other companies. This keeps this serial entrepreneur’s approach and thinking fresh, while developing new growth and financial results.

Charles lives by the philosophy that action delivers; he does not stand still. He has constantly taken steps to achieve his goals through innovation with new ideas and new approaches, transforming his companies and empowering his people. In this vein, he discovered that he is a natural teacher. Through mentoring is own staff and young entrepreneurs, he discovered that he could make a huge difference. “It’s what makes me the happiest. I love helping others,” says Horton.

The Boardroom, a CEO executive group, was one way that Charles has been able to channel his success by mentoring senior leaders, coaching executive teams and developing individual clients attain their own goals. He created it, with a select group of high achievers, to set up a base for nurturing talent. This also forms part of his philanthropic activities.


Charles has been sought out as a public speaker and has gone on to deliver thousands of hours of motivational seminars and conference events across the world. To support this teaching of goal setting and finance, Charles rejuvenated the Firewalking Institute of Research and Education (F.I.R.E), whose alumni includes Tony Robbins. Charles rebuilt the institute to teach others how to move beyond fears and obstacles in life, business and relationships through literally walking on fire to let go of the behaviors that can inhibit personal success.

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Among his other prestigious titles, Charles is one of only 6 Certified Master Firewalk Instructors in the world. He regularly conducts firewalk seminars to people from all over the globe. Horton says, “It’s about breaking through limitations and getting to the level in life. That has been the cornerstone of my personal philosophy for many years. Identify what’s holding you back and then move through it. It almost always boils down to fear on some level.” To support motivating others to succeed, Charles is currently writing his new book, Ignite the Secret, which will launch in early 2106. Based upon his life experiences, this soon-to-be best seller shares Horton’s ‘secrets’ over 19 lessons.

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